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General Questions

General information about Pura Cashmere and using our site

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Shipping, Delivery & Duties

Information about shipping, duties, taxes and delivery

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Returns & Exchanges

Information about the return and exchange process

7 articles
Ordering, Changes & Cancellations

Information on placing orders, making changes and canceling orders.

3 articles
Payments & Refunds

Information about refunds, payments, and payment options

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Discounts & Promo Codes

General information on how discounts work and how to apply discount and promo codes

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Gift Cards & Gift Wrapping

Information about gift cards, how they work and gift wrapping options

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Products & Materials

Information about how our products are made, where and how we source our materials and terminology used

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Sizing & Care Instructions

Information about sizing and care instructions

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Stock Availability & Wholesale

Information about stock availability and wholesale options

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