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Discounts & Promo Codes

General information on how discounts work and how to apply discount and promo codes

How do I apply a promotion code to an order?

Promotion Codes, Gift Card Codes, & Discount Codes like the one you get for your first purchase are entered on the checkout page or the cart page. Enter the code exactly as listed from your email or text. and click the button to apply it. You will se

What are BOGO & other automatic discounts?

Automatic discounts like a Buy One Get One (BOGO) are automatically applied by the system during checkout. You do not need to enter a code. The store will automatically apply the discount if you qualify. However there is ONE important thing to rememb

Can I use an automatic discount with a Promo Code or Gift Card?

No. Pura Cashmere does not allow the stacking of discounts. The system we use does not allow the combination of a promo code with an automatic discount. If for some reason you have a discount code that gives you a better deal than an automatic discou