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What are BOGO & other automatic discounts?Updated 2 years ago

Automatic discounts like a Buy One Get One (BOGO) are automatically applied by the system during checkout. You do not need to enter a code. The store will automatically apply the discount if you qualify.

However there is ONE important thing to remember. Automatic discounts make it so you cannot enter a discount code AND get the automatic discount. The system does not allow us to STACK discount codes with an Automatic discount code. 

There are occasions where the manual code would be more of a discount OR you are trying to use a Gift Card. 

IF this is the case please reach out to [email protected] so that we can manually adjust your total and refund you any additional savings. 

WE RECOMMEND USING THE GIFT CARD to override the automatic discount. We can apply the automatic discount but we cannot apply a gift card. via the back end of our system

If you are unsure please just reach out to Support.

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